A Common-Sense Compromise on Michigan’s Smoking Ban

Micompco (The Michigan Compromise Coalition) is an association of groups and small businesses working toward a common-sense compromise on Michigan’s smoking ban. We are not affiliated with big business or corporations in any way.

Smoking Ban Reasonable Compromise (SBRC)

Because Michigan’s smoking ban has been so unpopular, and to lessen its damaging economic effects, we are proposing the following changes to the law.


1). Bars, cigar bars, tobacco retailers, and hookah lounges.

2). Veteran halls, private clubs and charities, membership clubs, and banquet halls.

3). Open air patios, including patios where food and drinks are served.

4). Smoking rooms inside restaurants and other privately-owned establishments open to the public. The smoking rooms must be separated by complete floor-to-ceiling enclosures.

If an establishment or area of an establishment falls within the exemptions listed above and allows smoking within an exempted indoor area on the premises:

  • A). Clear and conspicuous signage must be posted void of images or graphics at all exterior entrances stating no more and no less than the following: “This establishment permits indoor smoking in ALL areas which comply with EPA standards for good to moderate air quality.” OR “This establishment permits smoking ONLY in contained indoor area(s) which comply with EPA standards for good to moderate air quality.”
  • B. It must have ventilation equipment installed capable of removing smoke particles as small as 0.01 microns and maintaining a particulate matter PM 2.5 level equal to or less than 35.4 micrograms per cubic meter, which matches the EPA standard for good to moderate air quality.
  • C). It is required to have a PM 2.5 meter on the premises accessible to employees.
  • D). It is subject to random PM 2.5 on-site measurement inspections conducted by state officials, which will be conducted no more often than once per month. Any smoking establishment not meeting the 35.4 micrograms per cubic meter requirement during this inspection must increase its ventilation capacity to meet this requirement before its following inspection. Establishments failing two inspections in a row must:
    • D1). Not permit smoking within the establishment for no less than one year following the date of the second of its two consecutive violations.
    • D2). During the one year probationary period, the establishment in violation will be subject to any number of random state inspections to visually verify there is no smoking currently taking place inside the building. For each violation during this probationary period, the establishment shall be required to pay a fine of no more than $100. When one year has passed since the establishment’s initial second consecutive violation, it may again allow smoking within exempted areas and will be subject to the same ventilation requirement stipulated in this amendment.


Members of Micompco

American Legion Post 6598
Romulus, MI

Kickstand Bar & Grill
Taylor, MI

Beer Belly’s
Taylor, MI

City Lounge
Romulus, MI

Walter’s Bar & Romulus Lanes
Romulus, MI

All Around Bar
Taylor, MI

Taylor AC Lounge
Taylor, MI

360 Lounge & Grill
Dearborn, MI

Ewing Properties
Lawton, MI

All Mighty Design, LLC
Mattawan, MI

Da Vinci Plant Services
Mulliken, MI

Mackinac Island Creamery

Bond’s DJs Lounge
Farwell, MI

Dancing Wolves Partners, INC
Bangor, MI

Buck’s Place Sports Bar
Dearborn Heights, MI

Litchfield Armory
Litchfield, MI

Triple G Unlimited
Muskegon, MI

Kinney’s Computer Services
Waterford, MI

Eastown Hookah Lounge
Grand Rapids, MI

Colvin Agricultural Service
Cedar Springs, MI

TJ Property & Asset Management
Muskegon, MI

Lyon Trucking & Site Services
New Hudson, MI

Landis Family Farms
Homer, MI

Tommy’s Septic
Alpena, MI

Scott Gardner & Sons Heating & Cooling
Gladwin, MI

Ban the Ban Michigan

Michigan Against Smoker Harassment (MASH)

Leveling the Playing Field, Inc
Onaway, MI

Sigmund Cigar Club

Bostonz Bar & Grill
Eastpointe, MI

Lickity Split Lawn Care
Springfield, MI

Roseland Bar & Grill
Detroit, MI

Kingston Times Bar
Kingston, MI

Lis’s Pet Sitting Service
Midland, MI

Project Save Detroit
Detroit, MI

Irish Craft Pub
Sterling Heights, MI

Town N Country Lanes
Westland, MI

Meadows Bar
Taylor, MI

Wild Willy’s Chill & Grill
Romulus, MI

Fraternal Order of Eagles
Wayne, MI

Belleville Moose Lodge
Belleville, MI

Club Canton
Canton, MI

Red Rooster
Belleville, MI

Play it Again Sam
Van Buren Township, MI

One Twelve Bar
Wayne, MI

Dr. Greenthumb Garden & Lab
Charlevoix, MI

Paul’s Pipe Shop & Pipe Hospital
Flint, MI

Sunrise Coast LLC
Flint, MI

Vaporia, INC
Fenton, MI

Smokers Palace
Burton, MI

Hazim Party Store
Flint, MI

Warwick Market & Pizzeria
Grand Blanc, MI

Skill City
Coldwater, MI

Swiss Inn Bar & Grill
Lake George, MI

Ironhorse Bar & Grill
Akron, MI

C & C Entertainment & Recording
Bay City, MI

Newgen Meds
Davison, MI

Roseland Bar & Grill
Detroit, MI

The Gwinn Inn
Gwinn, MI

Bay City, MI

Mad Buck Vapes
Clinton Township, MI