Poll: most say smoking ban too strict

eating_outMichigan’s ban was based entirely upon proponents’ claims of the dangers of secondhand smoke. Since then, those “dangers” have been all but debunked, calling a continuation of the ban into serious question. Even in traditionally liberal cities like Los Angeles, places such as outdoor patios are exempt, and elsewhere smoking bans are being scaled back or repealed altogether. How should Michigan’s ban be modified? Check all you agree with.

*Remember that an exemption only means smoking policy would be the choice of the owner, ideally based upon the desires of their customers–it doesn’t mean every owner would allow smoking.

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One thought on “Poll: most say smoking ban too strict

  1. There is room for smoking and non smoking venues where the business owner/operator makes the decision that suits his/her business and customer needs, Where Smoking is allowed, Modern Air Management systems can be installed that will easily comply with OSHAE indoor air quality standards and in doing so allow customers and employees to work and socialise in harmony.


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