Poll results: almost no support for MI smoking ban

Last week’s poll reveals just how unpopular Michigan’s smoking ban actually is. Since it’s one of the strictest smoking bans on earth, that’s not really surprising, but the results do help confirm past polls on the issue.

mcc_poll1The poll shows that the vast majority of people (including those who don’t smoke) would patronize establishments more often if there were no smoking ban.

This, too, isn’t all that surprising. Almost everyone who doesn’t smoke has friends and family members who do. Nonsmokers patronize less often when fewer want to accompany them.

Micompco’s poll helps solidify a previous poll conducted by Ban the Ban Michigan, which determined 86.3% oppose Michigan’s smoking ban as-is.

Business owners can think back to the days before the ban. During rush periods, most customers had no preference when asked ‘smoking or non.’ Nonsmokers didn’t mind sitting in the smoking section; they were just happy to get a table.

In fact, the only polls we’ve come across hinting at public support for smoking bans come from anti-smoking groups and ban advocates.

In reality, most non-smokers are not anti-smokers, and almost everyone feels the ban goes too far. No wonder anti-smoking groups describe getting bans enacted as “uphill battles.” It’s clear that the vast majority of Michigan residents are ready for a common-sense compromise on this issue.

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