Video: Top 5 surprising effects of smoking bans on small business


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2 thoughts on “Video: Top 5 surprising effects of smoking bans on small business

  1. VERY nicely done! The devastation of the bar business has hit just about every state/city where bans have been imposed. Antismokers cover it up with statistics that include the much greater numbers of restaurants, many of which had banned smoking on their own in earlier years and were thus not much affected. The bars that remain open after a ban look like they’re doing fine (and are thus held up as “evidence” that there were no harms — kind of like sweeping the corpses off into mass graves and pointing to all the good folks leading happy normal lives in towns after a pogrom) but those bars that survived have often changed their business models to less-profitable family/food friendly operations. Meanwhile, of course, the push to overturn bans grows less over time: the collapsed bar owners simply give up, and the survivors, having learned HOW to survive under the new model, don’t want any MORE changes after the losses and business-change expenses they were forced to go through: the LAST thing they want is for smoking bars to reopen and draw their customers away!

    If the bans were truly as successful and appreciated as the Antismokers claim, then they should be more than happy to show the truth of that fact to the entire world with just one simple step:

    All they have to do is RESCIND THE BANS… and show everyone how bars, enjoying their ban success, simply maintain the bans on their own. That one simple step, if successful, would ensure the spread of those bans EVERYWHERE. But…


    Of course not. They know that most bar owners would go back to allowing smoking and enjoying the increased profits from the change. The Antismokers are lying… and they KNOW they are lying — so they’ll never allow their claims to be put to the test.

    The losses due to the initial bans can’t be denied, and those states/cities that have resisted are continuing to resist, even in the face of steadily increasing pressures. Antismokers like to present their bans as being “inevitable” — but they’re not. The inevitability claim (as with the Borg saying, “Resistance Is Futile. You WILL Be Assimilated!”) is simply designed to reduce the will of the population to fight.

    – MJM


  2. *****Further to every word of truth from MJM it needs to be pointed out that the severest double standards are at play here for on the one hand the anti-tobacco mobsters (and that is exactly what they are) are trying to ban tobacco/smoking where-ever possible as ‘smoking kills x-billion per annum’ worldwide, but, every country is now moaning about the elderly living too long thus costing whichever country they live in too much Welfare money.
    *****You see folks they are hypocrits of the highest order & also very poor liars for they state that smokers die between 7-12 years earlier than non smokers: but of course, that is utter crap!
    *****They use an average age to produce a wonderfully spine chilling little phrase – ” premature death ” which means that anyone dying before a pre-determined age has died because they smoked but they don’t account for those that never smoked! Of course they never bother to tell the world at large that the six (6) longest ever living people all smoked-I wonder why?
    *****Forcing anti-tobacco laws through these days is a simple matter as smokers are considerably fewer nowadays than in (say) the 50’s or 60’s so they have the ‘weight’ of non smokers on their side, much to the detriment of those who enjoy a nice calming, relaxing cigarette.They care not a jot about the 16,000 pubs/clubs etc that have been lost in Britain, nor the bars lost in America and other countries because to the anti-tobacco mob they are right & tobacco users are wrong: that is the mindset of such people.
    Now let’s look a the “Premature Death” situation…..and destroy it immediately. For a death to be premature it has to take place before a certain date and that supposed date of death has to have a date & time (a bit like an execution actually). Not one single person on this planet has their actual date of death marked upon their body at birth so that they know just how long they have on this earth, therefore there can be no such thing as a premature death: it is simply a mathematical matter of averages to suit the medical profession. The problem is that all the bars/pubs/clubs that have now been lost to smoking bans have ALL suffered premature deaths as they were all once flourishing businesses prior to the anti-tobacco mobsters moving into neighbouhoods and taking over! Anti-Tobacco mobsters are no different to gangland mobsters of the 20’s & 30’s!


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