MI Flavor Ban: Whitmer’s Pharma Connection

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has issued an emergency decree banning the sale of flavored e-liquids to anyone in the state of Michigan. Research reveals Whitmer received nearly $20,000 in ‘campaign donations’ from the pharmaceutical industry, about $20,000 from “health services,” $1.2 million from “lawyers and lobbyists,” and over $145,000 from “health professionals” for her Gubernatorial campaign, according to votesmart.org.

The pharmaceutical industry, one of the state’s biggest lobbies, produces “nicotine replacement therapies.” The quit smoking industry is a multi-billion dollar industry; in fact, the same well-funded entities behind vaping bans were behind Michigan’s bar and restaurant smoking ban (another policy which conveniently boosted the sales of NRTs). The explosion of e-cigs was unexpected, and has decimated sales of pills, patches, and gum.

NRTs can work to quit smoking short-term, but have almost no long-term efficacy. Numerous studies show after six weeks, they’re actually less effective than placebo! In contrast, millions of ex-smokers have successfully quit smoking via e-cigs.

State legislators receive massive “campaign donations” from the pharmaceutical industry, and ABC cancer charities actually receive more “donations” from pharmaceutical and chemical companies than from individual donors. That funding has put vaping squarely in the cross hairs of many politicians and so-called “health organizations.”

Even colleges and hospitals receive large “grants” from the pharmaceutical industry; “smoking bans” on campuses almost always include chewing tobacco and vaping–but not NRTs. A smoking/vaping ban generally amounts to a “non-pharmaceutical nicotine ban.”

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