THC cover-up in MI may have led to vaping deaths

After being used safely around the world for over a decade by tens of millions of people, a small outbreak of “vaping related illnesses” has occurred. However, likely all of these involved a recent strand or strands of ‘bootleg’ THC oils.

Early this summer, North Carolina physicians notified the CDC of the THC connection and published an article about it. Numerous hospitals followed suit in alerting the CDC.

Despite this, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services withheld information, firstly by not mentioning the THC connection in their health advisory until many months later, on October 3rd.

Then, astonishingly, sometime before October 7th, they removed all references to THC, instead warning against ordinary vapes, despite nothing linking them with illness.

“…They made a conscious decision to remove the mention of THC entirely from the warning,” says Dr. Michael Siegel, Professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences, Boston University School of Public Health, in a blog post on the 7th. “This is completely irresponsible and inexcusable. It puts Michigan youth and the entire public at risk… The [MDHHS] should be held responsible for future cases of respiratory disease or death among state residents who were not adequately and properly warned against the specific dangers of vaping THC oils.”

Three days after Dr. Siegel’s post, THC was re-included in the warning. But on whose orders was it removed to begin with, and was this done to falsely implicate ordinary vaping? Why are they still warning against ordinary vaping when there is nothing linking it with illness? Is it because of their connections to the pharmaceutical industry? Just how far would the MDHHS go to control behavior not associated with health issues or to peddle pharmaceutical products?

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